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What is Sign Maintenance & Repair?

Sign Maintenance & RepairMany signs don’t stay looking perfect and functioning properly. Even the most durable and well-made signs wear down, fade, and break. That’s why periodic sign maintenance and repair are necessary.

Types of Sign Maintenance & Repair

Many different signs need maintenance and repair but it’s most necessary for electrical and lighted signs. Similarly, older signs need more maintenance and repairs than newer signs. This is mostly just a factor of age, but older designs and technologies are not as advanced. For example, older neon signs break so often that many business owners choose to replace the lighting with LED, which require little maintenance for a longer lasting sign.

Why Choose Us for Sign Maintenance & Repair?

Nothing lasts forever and signs are no different. At The Custom Sign & Graphics Haus, we can provide the maintenance and repair your sign needs to keep looking great year after year. Whether it involves rewiring, reprogramming, replacing a bulb, re-finishing, re-painting, or any other type of sign maintenance and repair, The Custom Sign Haus can handle it.

To learn more about sign maintenance and repair please contact us.

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